Thursday, August 28, 2014

Description of XsWoemen Movie/ Trailers

Visual Written Concept

Backwards Civilization Community birthing the ancient of days quietly re-emerges into the background to see around the worlds societies as the sacred royal seals are, is broken. (Fire, Earth, Wind Water)

Taking place in the 21st century just in time to show family, friends a guided pathway into the Golden Age of Aquarius, Enlightenment/ Flying Things.

Indigo, Crystal Children and Light Workers and Rainbow build sustainable further into the future.
Exploring Life, Dimensions, Frontiers mapping of space, time and outer/inner space in the Galaxy, Cosmos and beyond!

Wholistic Lounge
Travels, Short Trips from Coast to Coast! Landmarks, Scenery and Sky Watching!
Listen to Upcoming Important Messages and much more

RAFFA 2013 | Raglan Film Festival

  • The 2013 RAFFA (Raglan Arts Film Festival Award) awards ceremony was held on 21 September at ... Best Director Award: Ben Lenzner for Backwards Rider

  • Ben Lenzner/ Backwards Rider (Bicycle Filmfest 2011)
    Movie Trailer 1
    Movie Trailer 2
    Movie Trailer 3/ CBC News Janet Thmpson w/ the Backwards Riderr
    Timeline Magazine
    Global Mail
    Toronto Star
    CBC Radio

    Off Grid Movie Trailer Initial Offering Release
    Build a brand new Buskers|s Solar Community Centre 
    Projections after Initial Offering Pre-Launch

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